Alfie Dog Fiction is no longer taking short story submissions. This is sad news. The site, which carries six of my pieces, has stories and books to download in every genre. Readers can pick and mix as the mood takes them, buy one story or dozens. If you just want something to read that will while away the time as you wait for a bus or eat your lunch, you can download a story for a few pence, assured that the standard of writing is high. Until now, writers could find a home for previously published stories or new ones and reach readers who might not bother with a magazine.
    Quite understandably, Alfie Dog's proprietor has decided that she needs to spend more time on her own writing projects, so although the existing books and stories will still be available, there'll be no new ones. It seems a good point to do something different with my stories that are with Alfie Dog, so after 30th June they'll be withdrawn. Until then, you can still download them for 39p each, and any royalties they earn will go to the site's chosen charity, Medical Detection Dogs. The stories are:

Bare Earth–Keen gardener, Peter has hopes of finding a girlfriend when his new neighbours move in. He is encouraged by their reaction to his floral presents and DIY help, but it is not long before he discovers a rival.

Between Lives–The narrator meets Greta and her young son when she is fleeing the Russians in Germany at the end of World War II. Greta is naïve, but sticking together as they try to cross the border seems the safest option.

Follow That Car!–When a taxi-driver wishes for a passenger, he gets more than he bargained for. Is his fare a mobster, or is his imagination simply running wild?

Patterns in the Sand–Julia hopes a stay by the sea will help her forget her ex-boyfriend, but does not expect the romance that ensues. Her holiday lover could not be more different.

The Bitter Harvest–In 1915, Jim Stokes arrives to work on the Lambourne's farm. There is little warmth in the marriage of Dolly and Frank Lambourne, and Dolly is finding it hard to cope now that their son is at the front. Inevitably, her relationship with Jim becomes more than employer and labourer.

The Cup That Refreshes–Elizabeth tries to avoid interrupting her composer husband, who is struggling to create his latest masterpiece, but his music gives her a headache. How long can she tolerate his selfishness before something has to give?

Medical Detection Dogs is a great cause, so if you can buy one or more from the selection below, you'll not only boost my ego, but help make life easier for people who would otherwise struggle with everyday tasks, or even save lives.