It's been almost too hot to think. It's hard to plot stories or craft beautiful sentences when you're wilting. Not that I'm complaining. Who knows how long the lovely weather will last? I would encourage everyone to avoid spending all day at their computer, if they can. Slap on the suncreen, don your sunglasses and possibly a hat, and set your chair up in a shady spot outside.
    You can write just as well with paper and a pencil. Should the piece you intended to work on become a sluggish trickle, make notes about the weather, heat, barbecues, deckchairs, the things around you and the memories they spark. Allow your mind to wander wherever the summer's day takes it, and in the dark chilly autumn, when you need to describe the smell of new-mown grass or the sounds of swifts swooping overhead, you'll have a reference ready to fire your imagination.
    If you must use your computer, try to do it in the cooler hours in the early morning. It's more peaceful then, and who can sleep in this heat, anyway? Phew!