I have a few publication dates coming up for various bits and pieces, so at the risk of jinxing things and causing delays, here they are.
    TwictionAddict has four tweets of mine. Two are on the prompt 'collar', due online on 6th and 29th July, and two are on the prompt 'custard' (a subject close to my heart), due online on 9th and 31st August. Read them as they come out, or save them all up for a commercial break or the next time you're waiting at a bus stop.
    Alfie Dog Fiction is running a series of author responses to its questionnaire–a kind of online interview–on Alfie Dog Bites. Mine should go live on 10th August.
    The dates have yet to be confirmed for three other pieces of my work. My feature about 'Ping' by Samuel Beckett, which was entered in Threshold's recent contest for its Author Profiles and 'We Recommend...' sections, has been chosen to appear on the site. Without being sycophantic, I can recommend Thresholds for readers and writers who love short stories. The site covers famous authors and little known gems, classics and contemporary masterpieces. It's knowledgeable without being heavy-going. I'll put an update on the website as soon as I have a date for my piece to join its ranks, as I will when I have a date for the publication of 'The Adult Prodigy' in Nameless Magazine, which I believe should be in the autumn 2014. Lastly, my entry 'Reflections' in The  Binnacle Ultra-Short Competition has been chosen for the anthology which should be published towards the end of the year–fingers crossed  and all being well, barring accidents...