Flight is one of those films that I felt I ought to see rather than one I felt particularly attracted to.  I knew little about it other than that it featured the somewhat miraculous landing of a damaged aeroplane by the pilot, who is later accused of being under the influence of drink and drugs.  Denzel Washington plays the pilot and has been nominated for an academy award.  That doesn't surprise me, as it's the stature of his performance that makes the film worth watching.
It's a strange film that somehow never gets very far beneath the surface.  Reasons for why the pilot is as he is are hinted at, but they don't seem adequate to excuse the more obnoxious aspects of his character and behaviour.  In fact, none of the characters seems particularly likeable.  It was a relief when the John Goodman character appeared.  Even though he was a dealer, he came across as more honest and natural than the rest of them.
By the end, I was still no nearer knowing whether the pilot managed to land the plane in spite of or because of being high.  Maybe I'd find it easier to come to a conclusion after a second viewing, but I have to say I'm in no hurry to see Flight again.