You might think that my middle initial, 'S', stands for Scrooge, as I don't generally give Christmas presents (note: that's 'give', not 'gift'). I like going around the shops looking for ideas, I'm happy to wrap even awkward-shaped items, and I love to see a heap of presents under the tree, but the problem with presents is that they're often bought out of desperation to find something–anything! Even when the recipients like them, they often have no use for them. Instead of giving people things that they don't want, I'd rather people didn't give me anything except their love, good wishes and company, and either spent their money on something they do want, or gave it to charity.This year, however, I've realised there is a way to give everyone a present–should they choose to accept it–without it taking up house-room or making them feel that they have to reciprocate. The answer is–free books!
    Smashwords is holding a Christmas sale from 25th December to New Year's Day. If you visit, you'll find codes to get Artists and Liars and Discord's Child FREE. Plus, anyone who buys Discord's Child from Smashwords will find a code number at the end for a FREE copy of Discord's Apprentice valid until 31st January 2018. There are no strings attached, but I'd love to have your feedback on Facebook, email or Twitter. If anyone fancies writing a review on Smashwords or anywhere else–well, then you'd be giving me a present too!
    All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

P.S. The 'S' stands for Sally.