This is going to be a short blog. My apologies, but I can't wait to get back to reading two new anthologies that I'm honoured to have stories in.
    If you aren't into carving pumpkins or dressing up as a zombie, I can recommend celebrating Hallowe'en with Killing It Softly instead. This is a collection of dark fiction by female writers, including my story, 'Graffiti'. Order it at before 1st November and it will only cost 99 cents. There are 466 pages of stories ranging from the weird to the seriously scary, which sounds like good value to me.
    Another of my stories appears in After Lines, a new anthology from Erebus Press that looks at what happens after the end of fairy tales and myths. Did Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty 'all live happily ever after'? Or were the famous tales we've grown up with really only just the beginning? My contribution is 'The Enchantress's Pets', a story about what happens when Odysseus' son visits Circe's island. Currently, it's available as a paperback from
    If I don't feel inspired to write some new stories after all that reading, there really is no hope for me.