There isn't much time left before the Smashwords Summer-Winter sale ends. Wait until Wednesday to make your choice and you'll be too late. No time for novels? There are plenty of books of short stories to download either at big discounts or completely free, as well.
    Take Artists and Liars, for instance. It's a collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry–11 works in all–linked by an art theme. Do you know the difference between a collector and a connoisseur? What goes through the mind of a model? Is conceptual art child's play? All angles are covered! You don't have to scroll through lots of pages to find it. Simply go to where you'll find Artists and Liars FREE, along with Discord's Child and 50% off Discord's Apprentice.
    You don't have to wait for a sale to enjoy free short fiction. Many ezines give you free access to their contents, particularly speculative and literary publications. Even publications that don't make everything available usually have archived material for you to sample. This is not only great for readers, but helps writers looking for potential markets. The best way to find out whether your work would fit in somewhere is to read an issue or two. This means you can enjoy a good read and justify not writing instead by calling it research.
    Don't forget the Smashwords Summer-Winter Sale closes at midnight Pacific Time on 31st July.