In my search for free to enter competitions, I came across The World's Best Birthday Ideas competition for humorous birthday verses. The closing date isn't until 30th June 2014, so there's still time to enter. I did, and you can read my effort at
    On another subject, my efforts to write in another language have gone off at a tangent. One language doesn't translate exactly to another. If language is an extension of the way people think, what do the differences in language show? How much greater would they be between aliens and humans? Traditionally, Inuit people live in a world dominated by snow, so they have many words to describe it. How frustrating they must find English and how difficult to convey all the subtleties of the different types of snow. On alien planets the differences would be multiplied.
    Aliens might have more than five senses. They might see, hear, taste and feel a greater range of sensations or fewer. Perhaps in their language there is no equivalent of 'I'. This could mean there is no concept of selfhood. What consequences would this have for their society and their dealings with humans?
    My German is still ropey, but at least my struggle with it might pay off with a story or two.