Pardon me, but I want to mention one last thing about Christmas before everyone starts thinking about St Valentine's Day. One of the maddest things of all the Christmas madnesses can seem like sending Christmas cards. It can feel rather pointless and simply an extra chore that people only do because it's expected of them. To be sure that the people you send cards to know that you've truly given them some thought and care, you don't have to buy big, fancy cards that will cost as much again to post, neither do you have to make your own. I've often thought that I'd like to try this, but I'm no artist. However, there are two parts to a card: the image and the words.
People you haven't seen for a long time might appreciate a round-up of your year, but it can be hard to condense everything. Alternatively, any greetings card whether for Christmas or some other occasion, will mean much more if you personalise it with a short verse or micro story. Tailor it to the individual person, and it might become something they will keep and treasure.
Thinking about Christmas now might be as attractive as another helping of leftover Christmas pudding, but it won't hurt to jot down a few ideas while the season is still fresh in your mind. Leave it, and other things in life will start demanding your attention, and come next December you'll find yourself without enough time to do it. Start now, and not only will you feel like one of those smug people who always buy presents for the following Christmas in the January sales, but you will have taken the first steps to making the next festive season extra special.