Alfie Dog Fiction has just accepted four of my short stories. (See my tail wagging?) Each of them is already a prizewinner and/or previously published, but no longer in print (to my knowledge). There aren't many publishers or competitions that take previously published material, and it seemed a waste not to make them available somewhere. I could have self-published them, but feel Alfie Dog will introduce my work to a wider readership.
Alfie Dog Fiction publishes individual stories, collections and books, but only if they meet its high standards, so readers can be sure they aren't wasting their money on something that's poorly written. Some stories are available free and most cost less than a pound. What else can you buy for that?
The stories should go live on 26th January. They are 'Bare Earth', which previously appeared in the Focus on Fiction anthology in 1999; 'Between Lives', which won the Tees Valley Writer competition in 1992; 'The Bitter Harvest' was the winner of The Jo Cowell Award in 1994 and 'The Cup that Refreshes' appeared in Scribble in 2003. I'll include some blurb about them in future blogs. 
In the meantime, if you're in the mood for short stories you could try Artists and Liars, an anthology of fiction and poetry on an art theme. It's available from Smashwords for $1.99.