Discord's Apprentice was steaming along nicely this week, but then it got hijacked by one of the characters. I don't know where she came from and I'm not at all sure she should be allowed to stay. What's more, I'm not even sure whose side she's on. Now, she's painted herself into a corner, and I can't see yet how to get her out.
    No doubt, I shall have to backtrack. It could be that if I try thinking myself into another character, I'll find a more logical way for the story to progress. It could be that I shall have to send the character packing altogether, which would be a shame because, nuisance or not, I rather like her. That's often the way of it with writing; the phrase, scene or character you're most pleased with is the one that has to go. I know I've said this befoe, but it's worth telling myself again. I'll give the gatecrasher one last chance, but if she doesn't want to fit in after that, I'm not going to be any more sentimental than she would be.