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Starting Today

Posted by K. S. Dearsley on Monday, May 28, 2012, In : FantasyFiction 
Visitors to my website can now be sure of finding something new on a regular basis, apart from this blog. I'm adding the lyrics from Iyessi songs
For anyone who hasn't read Discord's Child, the Iyessi are people living in a remote region of Najarind where sensitivity to the elements and music are of paramount importance. Ro is a young woman who cannot feel the elements as others do and the disharmony this causes leads to her and her family being exiled.
As music is an integral part of Iyess...
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Telescoping Time

Posted by K. S. Dearsley on Sunday, May 20, 2012, In : Reviews 
At last, I've had a chance to read my copy of Telescoping Time, the anthology of chosen entries in the Earlyworks Press Science Fiction Challenge. The stories had to 'make a realistic contribution to the debate about how humans and extra-terrestrial species might prepare for contact and learn to co-operate rather than destroy each other through fear or prejudice, by accident or design.' I'm proud to say that my story, 'Haze', is among the chosen. 
Many stories and books have been written, and...
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No Contest

Posted by K. S. Dearsley on Sunday, May 6, 2012, In : Competitions 
I had to cancel my cover competition.  The last minute rush I had hoped for never materialised, and without entries there is no contest.  It was really disappointing.  I'd expended a lot of time, effort and money promoting it only to receive less than a handful of entries.  In fact, I received a better response to my post on a Kindle forum announcing the flop.  Initially, I was inclined to think it was a total waste, but I'm beginning to see there are things I can learn from it.
My advice to ...
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