My apologies to anyone who has visited this blog recently hoping to find something new, only to be disappointed. I hope to make up for that now, not only with a round-up of what's been happening lately, but also with the relaunch of my website, which I hope you will agree, is brighter and a lot easier to use.
    You may notice that some things seem to have disappeared from the menu and other things have taken their place. Let me assure you that all the previous information is still there, it's simply been reorganised. A whole new batch of tips can be found on the About page, but if you want to check the old Tips or the Grid pages you can still do so. They're connected to the About page via submenus. Only work that I know is still available is included on the Stories, Flash and Poetry pages, but everything that's been published or placed in contests is on the Bibliography page. There are still a few things to tinker with, but I hope there aren't any glitches. If you find any, please let me know.
    On another subject, I've been busy answering questions for several profiles, so if you'd like to know more about my background or writing life, you'll find it at Goodreads, Smashwords and Writing Short Fiction.
    Finally, if you heard a loud whoop a few days ago, it was probably me receiving the news that my entry has been awarded The Editor's Pick in the 2015 Binnacle Ultra-shorts competition. Told you it was worth entering, didn't I! Plus I've had a piece of twiction accepted for Tiny Tales magazine. It should appear on 10th July. Right, I'm off to celebrate. Please browse around the new site. Enjoy!