More news about Alfie Dog Fiction. Not only am I its latest featured author from today (20th April), but I shall have two more stories on the site from 26th April. They are:
    'Follow that Car', a feelgood story that follows what happens when a taxi-driver wishes for a passenger. He gets more than he bargained for. Is his fare a mobster, or is his imagination simply running wild?
    'Patterns in the Sand' in which Julia hopes a stay by the sea will help her forget her ex-boyfriend, but does not expect the romance that ensues. Her holiday lover could not be more different.
    Meanwhile, as work on getting the manuscript of Discord's Apprentice ready for publication progresses, I've tweaked what was the Discord's Child page on this site, renaming it The Exiles of Ondd. As soon as there is anything new, such as extracts, offers etc. I'll keep it updated.