Not me, sadly. The results have been announced at last for the British Science Fiction Association Awards 2021. Discord's Shadow didn't make it onto the prizewinners' roster, but I'm not crying. Who could object to losing out to a book like Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shards of Earth? It was an honour and a thrill to find Discord's Shadow had been nominated, and makes all the doubts and hard work worthwhile.
I shall use the boost being nominated has given me to get going on some of the Exiles-related ideas I have planned, and use any spare time to polish up my acceptance speech for next time. You can find the longlist at I intend reading my way through as many of the the novels as I can.
Incidentally, I've just put some reviews of books I've read recently on Goodreads. The books are quite a mixture: Dead Lies Dreaming by Charles Stross; Mr. Cadmus by Peter Ackroyd and The Last Voyage of Mrs. Henry Parker by Joanna Nell. One is a dystopian caper, one is about someone suffering dementia and one is a tale of murder and misadventure. I leave it to you to discover which is which.