There are at least two 'A's in my alphabet. The first is Alfie Dog Fiction, which has had a thorough makeover. The site has hundreds of short stories available for download, mostly priced 39p. It's now a lot clearer and easier to use, both for readers and authors.
    You can find stories either by category or by author name, and I'm glad to report that mine is now listed under 'K' again. (For a while it had gone off to sulk with a few other 'K's and 'J's at the end). The new version of 'Your Downloads' helps readers avoid inadvertently buying the same story more than once, and it's easier to buy stories–or novels from Alfie Dog's impressive list–as gifts. Plus there's a new 'Reviews' page. I was delighted to find that a review of one of my stories, 'Between Lives', is included, written by Henry Mitchell, who is no mean short story writer himself.
    If you fancy yourself as a reviewer, a Reader Competition has just been launched for reviews of stories you have downloaded from the site. There is no entry fee other than the price of the story you review, and you could win £100 or one of two prizes for runners up.
    Check out for all the details. My second 'A'? You'll have to wait and see!