Twiction Addiction has accepted another two of my tweets in response to its regular prompts. The most recent one went online on 9th August. So far, I've submitted tweets on paper, custard, collar and congregation. Not only has the man behind Twiction Addiction, Mark Connors, invited me to be its featured author for October, he's also introduced me as "the fabulous Karla Dearsley". I'm dead chuffed. Now, all I have to do is live up to it. 
Check out @TwictionAddict to read lots of twiction from many 'fabulous' authors, or to join in the fun yourself. You can find all my tweets, as well as lots of retweets of others' work that has caught my eye at @KSDearsley.
Anyone who's worried that I'm spending time on Twitter instead of getting on with Discord's Apprentice can find a couple of extracts on my blog on Goodreads as proof that the exiles of Ondd are moving on.