To some, being a writer might seem rather dull.  While they negotiate the dangers and irritations of the daily commute, battle with angry customers on the phone and struggle to resist the temptation to eat all the biscuits at the afternoon meeting, you are stuck in a chair at home with nothing more exciting to do than stare at a blank screen or chew the end of your pencil.  Wrong!  My work as a writer regularly takes me to foreign lands and strange cultures, where the journey alone is full of adventure and danger.  There are days when the fate of a world relies on my ability to battle marauding hosts or to unravel the mysteries of the ancients.  Not only can writers travel to exotic climes without having to hang around airports, or become world famous opera singers when they are tone deaf, if they're lucky they get paid for it too.
    If that's dull, I'm a bue-eared, bat-faced orc!  What do you mean, you can see the resemblance?