I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when amongst the videos of dogs adopting ducklings and recipes using only three ingredients my attention was caught by a beautiful image of an African woman and a tale of how people in her tribe all have their own song. This immediately made me think of the Iyessi, so I read the whole piece.
The post said that before a woman of this tribe conceive they sit under a tree and listen to hear the song of the child waiting to be born. She teaches the man to sing it when they make love, and teaches the midwives to sing it. It's sung at every major event in the child's life.
I repeat the tale here, so you can appreciate why I was drawn to it. Discord's Child opens with the hearers singing the birth song for Lalli and Ussu. I was so taken with it that I was going to share it on the Exiles of Ondd Facebook page, and was irritated when for some reason I was unable to do so. Thank goodness I didn't! Looking for another way to link to it, I discovered that the whole piece is a myth that has been doing the rounds of social media for months. There is no basis for it in fact.
No one was there to see me blush, but I assure you I did. I have always advised people to check their facts. What is the source of the information? Is it up-to-date? What qualifications does the writer have in that field? What is their goal? Good advice, but I hadn't followed it, and was almost guilty of spreading false information as a result.
In this case, it might have been harmless, and the only damage would have been to my reputation, but it's given me a jolt nonetheless. I was far too eager to believe. I shall take it as a warning and hope you will too. Always check your facts as far as you can, and if you're unsure, either say so or don't post at all. In other words, don't do as I almost did, do as I tell  you!