The clever editors at Third Flatiron Anthologies have hunted down a batch of stories and released them in Strange Beasties. Each tale features some wild creatures that will roam through your imagination. Some will make you shiver with dread, but not all of them are monsters–in fact, you could end up taking another look at society and wondering who's more dangerous–them or us?
    From the story that opens the anthology, the excellent 'In the Days of Mister Cuddles' by Bruce Arthurs, which takes a traditional format and gives it an inventive twist, to the one that rounds it off, 'Project Sargasso Findings on Global Nightmare Epidemic' by Brian Trent, there isn't a dud to be found. If you read Strange Beasties you'll discover how difficult it is to choose a favourite, but remember: the creatures 'out there' might be scary, but the beasts you really need to watch out for are the ones inside your head.