Sometimes subjects to blog about are obvious, for instance, when there's news of a publication or event. At other times, it isn't as easy. The trouble isn't that I can't think of anything, but that there are so many subjects, it's hard to pick one. Today, I have come up with a solution. Starting next week, I shall choose a subject to blog about according to the alphabet. I've already made a list, and I have enough ideas to keep me going for at least the next five years! They are the usual mix of tips, opinions and general comments about life as a writer.
    Of course, when anything interesting happens, or something that's time sensitive occurs to me, I shall blog about it regardless of what letter the theme begins with. I'll still do my best to keep readers up-to-date with news such as the fact that Writing Short Fiction has just been updated with even more champion fiction and advice from winning writers. It's free, so whether you need guidance with writing problems, or want to treat yourself to a good read, you can visit the site whenever you like.
    Now I have my A - Z list, in future, I shall never have an excuse for wasting time on indecision again–unless I change my mind, of course!